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Provide your salon clients with Denser Fuller & More Beautiful Hair In your salon and online with the RevuCell Organics Salon Program.

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RevuCell Organics Salon Program

The only salon program that makes selling RevuCell products in your Salon and Online simple and easy for every salon and stylist!

RevuCellOrganic Products - Revitalizing Shampoo, Instant Volume Conditioner, Hair Loss Therapy Serum
About RevuCell Organics

RevuCell Organic is a revolutionary cell based hair loss therapy treatment that treats hair loss at the root with organic and natural ingredients. RevuCell re-balances and stimulates the hair's natural growth phase while also strengthening damaged hair to prevent breakage.

“RevuCell helps promote hair growth while diminishing hair loss using organic and natural ingredients that are gentle to you and the environment.”

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Learn More About How The
RevuCell Organics Salon Program
Benefits Your Salon.

RevuCell is proud and excited to introduce our Organic Salon Affiliate Program.

This program makes it simple for salons and stylists like you to carry and promote RevuCell products in your salon locations while also being able to offer an online purchasing option for your customers on your website and social media pages.


How it works

Salons can get more information about a RevuCell Affiliate account by filling out this form.

One of the RevuCell Team Members will reach out to you for more information on your Salon.

Salons will be evaluated by RevuCell and qualifying salons will be awarded an affiliate account and access to the RevuCell affiliate program.

Once approved you will have the ability to create links from your website to any page on the website.

Any customer that visits from one of your links located on your web site or social media pages and makes a purchase will automatically become your customer at and you will receive a commission on the sale to that customer.



Sell any RevuCell product or promotion on from links on your web site or social media pages and receive a commission on that sale.

When that customer returns to to make another purchase, you will also receive a commission on that sale.

* Commissions are paid out on a payment schedule after the 30 day money back guarantee period has expired for the sale and while Salons are still active members of the RevuCell Organic Salon Program.

Salon Requirements

Salon Affiliates must be licensed cosmetologists

Salon Affiliates must actively carry the RevuCell Product Line in their physical salon location

Salon Affiliates must purchase $200 per month* in RevuCell products to stock their physical salon locations.

Salon Affiliates must have a website and/or Social Media page where they can promote RevuCell products.


Salon Commission Structure

In Salon / Physical Store Sale & Fullfillment

Products sold in your salon are through a regular salon distribution agreement and margin percentage, just like any other product line you currently carry in your salon.

Please see salon price list for current RevuCell product pricing, margin % and availability.

Online Sales made on from your program links

To view the current commission structure please apply to the program. We will contact you to get your cosmetologist license number and salon information. Once you have been verified as a Salon Customer we can share the salon commission information with you.

RevuCell stimulates hair growth while diminishing hair loss

Our Unique blend of hair nourishing ingredients promotes a healthy scalp environment while inducing the dermal papillia to reactivate the Anagen hair growth cycle.
Rich in Organic Ingredients
RevuCell Pea Sprout
Organic Pea Sprout Extract

Stimulates Hair Growth

Rich in Phyto-nutrients that have been shown to stimulate the hair growth process and restart the Anagen (growing) phase of hair.

RevuCell Tea Tree for hair growth
Organic Tea Tree Oil

Stimulate Hair Growth

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to combat hair loss while increasing blood flow to the hair follicle for proper nourishment.

RevuCell Grape Seed Extract Diminishes hair loss
Organic Grape Seed Extract

Reduces Hair Loss

Antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that age and damage your hair. Helps to promote a healthy environment for new hair growth.

RevuCell Aloe Vera
Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Stimulate Hair Growth

Rich in antioxidant polyphenols that inhibit the growth of bacteria, accelerates healing and promotes a healthy environment for hair growth.

RevuCell argan oil for hair loss
Organic Argan Oil

Reduces Hair Loss

Strengthens and conditions damaged hair to reduce hair loss and hair breakage. Helps provide fullness and body to hair.

RevuCell Vitamin E for hair growth
Vitamin E

Stimulates Hair Growth

Rich in antioxidants that help build new tissue & repair damaged tissue in the scalp. Reduces inflammation while repairing damaged follicles.

The RevuCell Organics Difference

Eco Friendly Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Medicines treat symptoms but nature treats the cause
Even in the harshest of conditions nature has a way of breaking through

70 %


RevuCell Organic Shampoo
has 70% Total Organic Content

82 %


RevuCell Organic Conditioner
has 82% Total Organic Content

95 %

Scalp Serum

RevuCell Organic Serum
has 95% Total Organic Content

What Stylists are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I have seen my client transform in the last 6 months!

“As a stylist I notice my clients when they are thinning and RevuCell has been amazing for them. After 6 months of testing the product I am super impressed with the fullness and density of the hair. I love the conditioner too for any of my clients that want beautiful fullness and volume”

Antonio Palomino (Stylist, Miami Beach)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I've been testing the RevuCell products with some of my clients the last 6 months and I LOVE the results! As an independent stylist I also really love the Salon Program! It lets me sell the products in my salon but also lets me get commission if one of my clients goes online to buy it. Diversion hurts my business and the RevuCell salon program helps me compete just in case my clients want to order it online.

Jamie Cashion (Stylist, Indianapolis Indiana)

Is RevuCell Organics Right for Your Clients and Your Salon?

Hair loss affects both women and men and by the time your clients are 50 years old
over 50% of the men and 25% of the women are suffering some form of hair loss or thinning.

Who RevuCell is for

  • You understand that there are many causes of hair loss and that some products work for certain causes while other causes may need a separate type of therapy.
  • You are willing to try a product for a minimum of 3 months to see results.
  • You understand that in order for a product to work you must follow the instructions for its use. Including how much and how many times a day it should be applied.
  • You are looking for a long term solution to your hair loss without the need for surgeries or medical treatments
    • You understand that hair grows over time and that you won't wake up tomorrow with long hair.

Who RevuCell is NOT for

  • If you are looking for a super cure to baldness that will grow all your hair back by tomorrow.
  • If you cannot follow instructions on how to use a product including how much and how often to use it.
    • If you are expecting results in less than 3 months
  • If your doctor has told you that your baldness is due to your follicles no longer being able to produce hair, dead follicle.

Salon Bonuses & Special Access

Salons that enroll in the RevuCell Organic Salon Program receive special access to
RevuCell Promotions, Education Events and Online Tools!

Access to a private Facebook Group

You get special access to the Stylist Only RevuCell Salon & Stylist Group, This Group is members only and helps connect you with other stylists also promoting RevuCell products and working with thinning hair clients. We will also share exclusive content that is stylist only in this special Facebook group.


Office Hours = Google Hangouts

You'll get exclusive access to RevuCell google hangouts. Topics that will be covered include Salon Educational Information, Salon Best Practices, Organic Products Information, Hair Coloring Education, & Hair Cutting Information. Everything you can think of to become a successful salon working with thinning hair clients.


Free Bonus Reports & White Papers

Information on hair growth and hair loss is constantly changing as new and better treatments are discovered and announced. You'll get access to our white papers and special reports that highlight new developments in hair loss therapy. These reports are key to keep you in the know so that you can service your clients in the most professional and informed manner. 

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