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See what other stylists are saying

Jamie C.Organic Salon Owner, Indianapolis Indiana

I’ve been using the RevuCell products with my clients the last 6 months and I LOVE the results! Not only is the hair thicker it's also so much healthier! My product sales have significantly increased now that I carry RevuCell in my salon.

Antonio P.Organic Master Colorist & Stylist Educator, Miami Florida

RevuCell has been amazing for me and my clients. After 6 months I am very impressed with the fullness and density of the hair.

Lacey W.Organic Salon Owner, Avon Indiana

I had been losing my hair due to stress and had an Alopecia spot in the front of my hairline. I have been using RevuCell Organics for 3 months and I absolutely love my results. I am so happy RevuCell Organics cares so much and is helping people with this growing issue.

Ernest B.Organic Salon Owner, San Diego California

In 25 years as a stylist I have never had this kind of an experience before. My hair looks fuller, thicker, stronger and healthier.I Love it and my clients do too!

Johnie B.Organic Salon Owner, Portland Oregon

My hair looks fuller and softer and feels so much thicker now that I have been using RevuCell Organics. My hair also feels really healthy and my clients are noticing. They love RevuCell Organics too!