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"Pregnancy is an amazing time. I Loved my pregnancy and even the morning sickness was worth the reward! One of the things I loved most was how thick and beautiful my hair got while I was pregnant and on the pre-natals. Shortly after having my daughter, my hair started to thin and my scalp got really dry and flaky. Hair was coming out in clumps. While the doctor and my friend told me it was natural, I hated it. So I found an article about pregnancy dandruff on your site. I saw the products were Organic and had no Minoxidil, so I tried them. I LOVED THEM! It's helped make my hair look and feel healthy again. It also helped with my dry flakes. And my hair looks fuller and has more volume as it has started to grow back in! Yeah!"
Lauren Smithers
Loyal Customer
Seattle Washington

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RevuCell Organics Shampoo Conditioner and Serum


Hair Growth Therapy 

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RevuCell Organics Revitalizing Shampoo

Revitalizing Shampoo

70% Organic

Color Safe and Color Protecting

Adds Softness and Shine

Moisturizes and Repairs

Adds Volume

RevuCell Organics Volumizing Conditioner

Volumizing Conditioner

90% Organic

Paraben Free

Volumizing and Thickening Conditioner

Adds Volume Softness and Bounce

Doesn't Weigh Hair Down

RevuCell Organics Rejuvenating Scalp Serum

Scalp Therapy

95% Organic

Scalp Therapy Serum to Promote Healthy Natural Hair Growth

Does Not Build Up

Repairs Damaged Hair

Soothes and Nourishes Scalp

The RevuCell Difference:

Organic Ingredients

The only professional organic hair growth system formulated to diminish the appearance of hair loss while promoting hair growth​.

100% Drug Free

A Non Medicinal, Drug Free alternative to hair loss therapy. With no medicinal side effects. Made with ZERO Minoxidil. 

Color and  Straightener Safe

The only Sulfate-Free hair growth brand that helps to prolong the life of hair color. Color Protecting and Straightener Safe.  

Total Hair Health

Provides moisture and repair to damaged hair. Helps to prolong the hair growth cycle while nurturing the hair and scalp for optimal health.  


RevuCell Is The Only Choice

RevuCell Organics is the only Organic, Drug Free, Sulfate Free product line that gives you softness, shine, repairing, and the proper moisture balance while nourishing the hair and scalp for optimal hair growth.

RevuCell Comparison Chart

* Price comparison is based on retail size shampoo

The RevuCell Results:

shaved 1
shaved 2

In a study conducted by Mibelle Biochemistry, the effects of Organic Pea Sprout Extract on the hair growth cycle was evaluated using the photo-trichogram technique on a group of volunteers suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.

Noticed ReGrowth
Diminished Hair Loss
Less Breakage
Healthier Hair

RevuCell Before




After 60 days Jose showed the appearance of new growth and thickness on his hair line and parietal ridge. He continues to use the RevuCell Organics products on a daily basis and has continued to see great results. His favorite product is the Scalp Therapy Serum.


RevuCell Organics Jamies Client Before and After


RevuCell Organics Hair Growth Jamies Clients Before and After


Sharon showed the appearance of new growth, fullness and thickness on her part line. This is a common area of thinning for women.  She continues to use the RevuCell Organics products on a daily basis and has continued to see great results. Her best loved product is the RevuCell Organics Volumizing Conditioner for the instant fullness it provides. 


Before 2


After 2


David's appearance of new growth and fullness can be seen on the crown of his head. He continues to use the RevuCell Organics products on a daily basis and has continued to see great results. His preferred products are the Revitalizing Shampoo and Rejuvenating Scalp Serum.


RevuCell Organics Brookes Client Before



Dave showed fullness and thickness on his crown, parietal ridge and hairline. He has tried other non organic solutions with no success, so he is now an avid user of RevuCell Organics products and has continued to see great results. His favorite products are the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Revitalizing Scalp Serum.



RevuCell Organics Halinas Cient After


After several months Thomas has shown the appearance of new growth and fullness on his crown, top and sides. With the right RevuCell trained stylist, this cut and style has changed his entire appearance. He continues to love and use the RevuCell Organics products on a regular basis with fantastic results. He uses the entire RevuCell Organic Hair Therapy System daily. 


What stylists are saying...

RevuCell Stylist Antonio P

I Love RevuCell and how it makes the hair look and feel!

RevuCell has been amazing for me and my clients. I am very impressed with the fullness and density of the hair. I also love how healthy it makes the hair feel!

Antonio Palomino  //  Organic Stylist & International Educator

Not just for my clients, I love RevuCell for me!

I had been losing my hair due to stress and had a thinning spot in the front of my hairline. I have been using RevuCell Organics for 3 months and I absolutely love my results. I am so happy RevuCell Organics cares so much and is helping people with this growing issue.

Lacey Walker  //  Organic Stylist and Salon Owner

RevuCell Stylist Jamie C

I Love the results!

I’ve been using RevuCell with my clients and I LOVE the results! Not only is the hair thicker it's also so much healthier! My product sales have increased significantly now that I carry RevuCell in my salon.

Jamie Cashion  //  Organic Stylist and Salon Owner

Kia Fay

I'm a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner!

Any time a shampoo product cleanses and allows me to simultaneously detangle I know I'm in business. I found the formulations to be really mild and leave my hair feeling remarkably soft with detangling ability that lasts. This is a big deal for those of us with curly hair! My mother in law has been experiencing some hair loss as of late, and I've just shared the scalp serum with her in hopes that we see a change in her growth pattern.

Kia Faye  //  Organic Stylist

Who Is RevuCell Great For...

RevuCell Organics Hair Thinning Women

RevuCell Organics is great for men suffering thinning hair and temporary hair loss.

RevuCell Organics Mens Hair Thinning

RevuCell Organics is great for men suffering thinning hair and temporary hair loss.

RevuCell Organics Curly Natural Hair Softness Shine Hair Growth

RevuCell Organics gives naturally curly hair life while providing proper moisture, volume, shine and bounce.

RevuCell Organics Grow Hair Longer Faster

RevuCell Organics can help you grow your hair longer healthier and faster. Extending the hair growth life cycle.

RevuCell Organics helps mend chemically damaged and broken hair

RevuCell Organics helps to mend and repair chemically damaged hair.

RevuCell Organics Helps Moisturize Dry Flaky Scalp

RevuCell Organics cleanses and moisturizes the scalp to reduce dryness and flakes.


How RevuCell Organics Works

Extending the hair growth life cycle.

RevuCell Organics Hair Growth Life Cycle

Extends the Anagen
Growing Phase
Helps with development of FG7 which helps to re-activate and extend the Anagen growing phase.

Shortens the Telogen
Resting Phase
Helps with development of NOGGIN protein which helps to shorten the length of the Telogen non-growing phase.

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