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Want to know how to get the volume, lift, texture and body to create all those sexy Red Carpet looks on your own fine or thinning hair. Then this article is for you! If you do a search on google for women’s hairstyles for thin hair you’ll get almost 2 million results but most of the them are the same information. They show you pretty pictures of celebrities at awards shows with cute hair styles and full hair but they don’t really show you how the stylist made their thin hair look fuller or have more volume. We try to give you all the information on how to get the volume, the lift, the texture and the fullness that you want and need. With that knowledge you can create all of those pretty hairstyles you see on the Red Carpet every morning in your own home.

That’s how this article is different! We focus on how to get the volume you need so you can replicate the salon ready look every morning. We also link you to a few great resources of hairstyles for fine or thinning hair.

Cleansing and conditioning your hair with hair thickening or volumizing shampoos and conditioners is where it all begins.

If you’ve ever painted a room in your house or taken a painting class, you know that primer is your first step to a beautiful finish. It isn’t glamorous or exciting to paint a wall with white primer or to prime a canvas. However, when you paint on that prepared surface it makes a world of difference to the outcome of your masterpiece.

The primer for your fuller hair starts with your pre styling regime of picking the right Shampoo and not using too much conditioner.

There are Volumizing Shampoos available that plump up or coat each hair shaft to make it seem fuller. These will not actually make your hair denser or thicker but they give that illusion by coating your hair. You still have thin hair, but each hair strand has been coated to make it seem like its fuller. You can check out some of these to see how they work for you, just remember to get one that does not weigh your hair down or damage it with sulfates.

There are also shampoos specifically formulated to stimulate hair growth and rebalance the hair growth life cycle. These shampoos can be great as a longer term solution to your thinning hair woes. You can learn more about Revucell’s 4% Anagain shampoo and see why and how it helps to give you denser and fuller hair in 3 months time.

Knowing which type of shampoo is the right one for you takes time and research but it’s well worth the investment. So called volumizing shampoos are good to try but only work for the moment. And shampoos like RevuCell that stimulate hair growth work great for. The important thing is that if you suffer from thinning hair, you give a few a try to see what works for you. And if you find something that works like RevuCell, stick with it.

When it comes to conditioners you should try to avoid them. Sounds counter intuitive but remember most conditioners coat your damaged hair. That coating has a tendency to weigh the hair down and take away volume. If you do need to use conditioner for example if you have damaged or bleached hair, you should only use conditioner on the mid length of the hair to the ends. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots of the hair as this will definitely weigh hair down and take away the volume you are trying to create.

Who does your hair most? You Do!
Learn how to brush your hair out the right way for maximum volume.

So when your done washing your hair, its time to brush it out and dry it the right way.


Celebrity Stylist Antonio Palomino was nice enough to film a couple of quick demos on how to blow out and brush your hair for the most volume.

Over directing the top

Over directing the sides

Over directing the front

The key to this is over directing the hair when blow drying. That means you are blow drying it contrary to the natural way it is going to fall. So if your hair is going to fall forward, dry it pulling back. And vice versa.

Here’s a couple of pictures to illustrate it for you as well. Remember over direction is the key to a fuller look. Whatever the style,

As you can see from the video the best brush to use for volume is a round brush. Using a round brush when you blow dry helps you to manipulate your hair for the most body. Make sure you Brush your hair in sections and remember to brush out and away from the head at at least a 45 degree angle.

The secret to extra fullness and height in your hairstyles: Backcombing

Backcombing thinning hair creates the illusion of fullness and volume and this technique is literally at your fingertips. As you saw at the end of the video above, backcombing is combing the hair down into the base of the scalp. You take a small section at the crown and hold that section straight up. Then you go about half way up the length of the hair, set your comb, and then comb the hair back towards the scalp. You do this technique in sections starting at the top of the head then work your way back with small sections till about 3/4 of the way down the back of the head. Then you can use the same technique on the sides of the head starting at the lowest point and working your way up the head. Remember use small sections for the best effect. And be careful and gentle with your back combing.

Using back combing creates support and the illusion of more hair. Then the top sections help to create the style, body and fullness.

Remember that back coming on the roots only gives you support and illusion of fullness. It helps to diminish the light hitting the scalp and counteracts the translucency you would normally see.

Really important: Back comb softly to get more fluff. If you back comb too hard you can cause breakage to the hair.

There are a lot of videos on line on how to backcomb, but we thought these to demonstrated the process very well and very quickly.

How to backcomb the right way video:

Backcombing fullness video:

Stylist Tip: Give your hair fullness but don’t over volumize.

If you give your hair too much body, volume, or height; you will see the scalp and your hair will actually look thinner. This is because the light will show through the thinning hair and you’ll see your scalp through the transparency.

Stylist Tip: If you are coloring your hair, try not to create more damage.

If you color your hair, be careful and try to use hair colors that are less damaging. Normal ammonia based hair color damages the hair shaft and over time with regular colorings your hair starts to weaken and break easily. If your hair is already thinning you do not want to add breakage and damage as that will make your hair look even thinner. You can try more gentle coloring products like Mastey’s No Ammonia and No PPD hair color. Ask you stylist but make sure they are knowledgeable about alternatives to their regular line. And don’t be fooled there are NO Organic hair colors, so if someone tells you their hair color is Organic, they don’t really know what they are saying.

Stylist Tip: If your hair is damaged take it easy with leave in conditioners.

Daily use of conditioners and leave in conditioners may weigh your hair down. If your hair is really damaged make sure you only use conditioners on the mid section of the hair and the ends of the hair. If you apply conditioner or spray on a leave in at the root you are actually hurting your chances at getting volume and body and your outcomes will look limp or greasy.

Styling Products that can help you get more volume and boost your body and texture.

Celebrity Stylist Jamie Cashion talks about hairstyles for thinning hair tips.

Celebrity Stylist Jamie Cashion

Celebrity stylist Jamie Cashion has some great tips on products to use for maximum fullness as well as some nifty tips on how to blow dry.

Jamie says to use Beach spray as a primer for voluminous styles. Spray at the roots before blowdrying. It adds texture and density that you can build your style on.

Use Volume foam or gel on mids and ends to add more volume while you blow dry. Do not flatten the hair when applying and do not over use the product. Less is more.

To help create lift you can also use a setting hair spray at the roots and when you are back combing at the roots. This will help your hair to keep the lift that you are creating.

When it comes to styling tools keep your flat iron, curling rods, and blow dryers on the low to medium setting so as not to burn or harm the hair. Once the hair is in place use the ColdShot feature on your hair dry to blast the hair with a shot of cold air. Use a paddle brush and finishing hair spray to get your final shape.

Remember that the best hairstyles for thin hair starts with adding fullness and volume at the foundation. Hopefully this article has taught you a little something about how you can accomplish that.

Now look at some pretty pictures and find a great hair style for your thinning hair! Use the tips in this article to replicate that runway ready sexy fullness every morning in your own home.

Short hairstyles for fine or thin hair:

Long hairstyles for thin hair: