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The Best Christmas Season Hairstyles for your Holiday Party

God help me I don't know what to do with my hair for the Christmas party!

I think you'll agree when I say:

Whether you're the hostess or a guest at the office holiday party, your Christmas hairstyle is something you're probably worried about and spending a lot of time researching.

Well it turns out, you can create dramatic eye catching and head turning Christmas and Holiday Party hairstyles quickly and easily. 

And in today's post we're going to share with you the 6 Best Christmas Party Hairstyles that we've found with easy to follow video tutorials. 

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RevuCell pray for nice hair Christmas Hairstyles

For most people the office Christmas party or the many other holiday events during the winter season are the fanciest and most important events of the year. 

With that in mind you really want to make sure you not only look great, but you feel great when you walk in that room for the big party. 

So we want to help you:

  • Decide on a holiday look that is right for you
  • Show you how to create that look yourself on the big day.

Your first decision

Have a stylist do Your hair?

RevuCell hair stylist up do

Do it yourself

RevuCell Holiday Hair Style Christmas Hair Style Holiday Party

Get me an appointment with my stylist!

For many women the easiest thing to do is to visit the hair dresser the day of the event. And while this is great if you can get an appointment and can afford the visit, you still need to come with a plan for what you want. And you have to remember the more precise you are the better it is for both you and the stylist.

You have to remember that you're probably not the only appointment that your hairdresser has that day for a party look or updo, and she may be in a rush or you may be in to see her way too early in the day for your evening event. 

So again the best thing to do is to come with a plan. So even if you're going to see a hairdresser for your look, take the ideas from this article to help you get the best use of her time, and the best look for you and your style.

Check list for your appointment:

Be On Time or Early! (even if you have to wait)

Bring multiple pictures of One hairstyle you have decided on. Remember it won't be exact anyway, so don't get set on the exact look. But bring it so the stylist has an idea of what you are after and it can guide her in what to do for you.

Be realistic in your choice. If you have short to medium hair, that long hair up do is not going to work, so try to be realistic, or book a longer appointment and bring some clip in hair extensions. (More on that later in this article)​

Do it yourself and do it right!

For those that are either pressed for time or money, this guide can help you to create those salon quality looks at home very quickly and easily. Follow the tips and tricks to make getting the best look for your hair easy.

Decide on your Christmas Hairstyle


Classic Up Do

RevuCell Braids and Twists

Braids & Twists

RevuCell Ponytail

Sexy & Sleek Pony Tails

Each Christmas party hairstyle offers its own unique look and its own personality. The reward comes from picking the right one for the personality you want to present at the party. That's right take advantage and be who you want to be on the special night. Be bold and have fun!

Classic Up Dos with a modern look

Up dos are perfect for adding a little height with a little class to your holiday look. If you're wearing a killer dress and you want to accentuate that gorgeous neck line, an up do is the way to go. Check out these great looking up do videos and remember to visit their Youtube channels for more amazing looks.

Tip: If you have a girlfriend that can come over you can do each other's hair a lot easier. Most of these up do's you can do yourself, but its a lot easier to do it with a friend.​

Elegant Bun Up Do

By AwesomeHairStyles, I call them the pony tail up do masters! 

Check out @awesomehairstyles28 on their Twitter and Facebook pages and don't forget to subscribe to their youtube channel to see more of their great ponytail and up do hairstyles!

Short Hair Chignon Crown Holiday Up Do

By Megan Joy, she has a cool blog where she shares everything she loves including Hair tips, Lavender hair color and her soft spot for pink lipstick! 

Check out her blog, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! And make sure you subscribe to her youtube channel for more great videos.

Stunning Braids & Twists​

Whether you have medium or long hair braids are always a winner. You just have to make sure that your final look is more sheek than school girl. Check out these great sources and have fun experimenting. Probably the best thing about braids is that you can let them out and start over pretty quickly if you don't like the final look.

Tip: pair a nice loose braid with a half up do look for a new trendy take on the classic looks.

Twisted Bohemian Braided Up Do

By YouTuber, Hair Guru, Lover of Creation, and UpDo Fanatic Maddie Cuan

Visit Maddie's Website, Facebook, or Twitter! She rocks! Maddie has a lot more videos on her youtube channel and they are all top notch, check out her work and subscribe to her channel.

Easy MEdium Length Holiday Braided Up Do

By Thalita Makes, or we can call her Thalita Makes your hair look amazing! 

Visit Thalita's Youtube Channel and follow her on Instagram or Facebook as she had many hot hair tutorials and other cool stuff going on! Plus the music in her video is super catchy!


Smooth, silky hair with shine and vibrancy. Try one of these easy to create sleek sexy pony tail looks to turn heads as you walk into any room. These are definitely ones to try!


By Lilith Moon, International model and hair guru blowing up YouTube.

As a model in Milan and Paris who speaks six languages, Lilith has an amazing way to make the hardest hairstyles look easy to do. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and visit her blog and YouTube Channel. She is awesome to listen to and watch create amazing hair and make up looks.


By Lilith Moon, Model, hair guru, hair magician...

We had to put 2 of Lilith's videos in this article because they are that good and show you how to take a great look and make it amazing. Clip in hair extensions are perfect for your holiday hairstyle as they give you bigger longer sexier hair with no commitment. Check out this video and then do yourself a favor: Subscribe to her YouTube Channel! Full of so many great looks broken down and explained easily.

Now that you have some great ideas for holiday party looks, how can you make sure your hair is ready for the big day?

I created a checklist from years of working with hair stylists that will help you get your hair into the right condition so that when you show up for your appointment or sit down to do it yourself your hair is strong, silky and easy to work with.

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​*images used on this site are licensed by the creative commons license.

*Videos are used from YouTube and we provide links to all the video publishers YouTube channels and social media contacts if known.​ Make sure you like, follow, and subscribe to them and their channels.

God help me I don’t know what to do with my hair for the Christmas party!

Whether you’re the hostess or a guest at the office holiday party, your Christmas hairstyle is something you’re probably worried about and spending a lot of time researching.


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