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Argan Oil for Hair Growth: Does Argan oil help to regrow your hair?

Using Argan Oil to create a healthy scalp environment promotes hair growth while helping your existing hair to last longer.

You've probably heard that argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids.

While that sounds really cool and healthy, do you know exactly how those ingredients benefit your hair? Or whether that helps you to grow your hair longer or thicker?

The real benefit to using argan oil in your hair loss therapy regimen has more to do with how it works on your skin and scalp. And how it keeps your existing hair healthy so that it sticks around for a longer period of time.

This article will show you how Argan oil works, the best way to use it and what to expect as a result.

Can Argan Oil help hair growth?

There is an interesting answer to this question, and it really depends on what exactly you are asking.

If you want to know if Argan oil alone will help regrow the hair that is now gone due to alopecia or male pattern baldness, the answer is No, but more research needs to be done.

You see currently Argan oil has not shown to affect the length of your hair growth cycle or the ability to extend or alter the hair growth cycle. You can learn more about the hair growth cycle here.

But at the same time the answer could be Yes, it can help hair growth if you are talking about how long your hair grows. 

Let me explain:

Argan oil as you probably know is rich in vital nutrients that help to keep your hair in optimal health. It's rich in Fatty Acids and Tochopherols (Vitamin E) so:

  • Argan Oil makes hair look and feel healthier, silkier and naturally shinier
  • Argan Oil also protects hair from the damage caused by heat and styling tools
  • Argan Oil acts as a great detangler when used in combination with other ingredients to reduce split ends and control frizz.

These 3 benefits from Argan Oil help prevent damage to hair as well as helps that hair to grow longer before it is damaged and splits or breaks off. In essence helping your hair to grow longer or for a longer time than you are normally experiencing.

Argan Oil helps to treat damaged hair and reduce hair breakage from heat styling, aggressive brushing, and chemical services like hair color and bleach processing.

What you have to understand is that hair takes a lot of abuse. Something as simple as washing your hair in cheap shampoo or brushing knots out of your hair to aggressively with a bad brush can damage your hair very quickly. Not to mention that using styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons on settings that are way too HOT, without adequate protection for the hair, can cause extreme damage and breakage really quickly.

You can check out this you tube video of hair flat ironing gone wrong:

Argan oil is a great way to reduce your blow dry time and protect the hair from styling heat.

You can use a really small amount of Argan Oil in your hair to protect it from damage while you style it. This reduction in damage will reduce split ends and stop hair breakage so your hair looks and feels healthier and is able to grow longer.

Take a dime size amount of Argan Oil and rub it into your hands. Then lightly pull your hands through your hair from mid shaft to ends while your hair is still wet.

Argan Oil reduces the blow dry time by switching places with the water in your hair. Since oil and water don't mix, as the oil penetrates the hair shaft it pushes out the water to the surface where the blow dryer gets rid of it. This simple technique reduces the amount of time your hair is subjected to extreme heat so it minimizes further damage and also protects and nourishes the hair at the same time.

RevuCell Argan Oil Hair Heat Protection

This technique will also give you amazing softness, bounce and shine even on the most damaged of hair. Your hair will look and feel better after just one use. And the great thing is that the benefits are cumulative, the more you use this technique the healthier your hair will become.

But be careful, don't over do it and read the ingredient labels. Use a small amount of oil because if you use too much it may weigh your hair down or make it look greasy. Also not all argan oil products are the same, some are better than others and some are better for different hair types.

Our two favorites are the Moroccan Argan Oil and the Mastey Color Protection Argan Oil.

Moroccan Oil

Mastey Color Protection

Both have been in the hair salons for years and are really special products but one is more versatile than the other, and one is more marketed than the other.

The very popular and very marketed Moroccan Argan Oil is a good product but has a few draw backs. It has a color dye in the product that is a little yellowish and this may cause issue if you have very bleached hair. The dye in the product may tint the hair for an undesirable result. It is also very think which is great for clients with very thick hair, but it is horrible for clients with thin fine hair. It has a tendency to weigh fine hair down and make it look even finer.

The Color Protecting Argan Oil Leave In Treatment, by Mastey is a lighter oil and good for all hair types, it is dye free so it's safe for all hair colors and hair types.

You still want to make sure not to over use the product, but you'll have less issue with weighing down the hair if you use the Mastey.

The only drawback might be finding it locally, but you can purchase is directly or on amazon. You can also ask your salon to order it and stock it as well.

Where does argan oil come from and are all the products the same?

RevuCell Healthy Benefits for hair skin and nutrition

Argan oil is a plant oil that is extracted from the nut of the fruit on the Argan Tree.

Argan trees are only found in Morocco, hence the name Moroccon Oil or Moroccon Argan Oil. It has been used in this region of the world for centuries to treat skin conditions, as a natural beauty product for the hair and skin, and even as a cooking oil.

Argan oil is super healthy for you and according to this study it is not only a cosmetic-grade oil but it has super high and healthy dietary value.

Since it's popularization in the western cosmetic world Argan Oil has also helped the environmental conditions of its home land. Since the oil was popularized the government has tried to ensure that the Berber farmers benefit monetarily from its demand. Since the farmers have seen a spike in demand and spike in pricing for the oil, they have started planting the trees again helping the ecology of the region. So worldwide demand and successful commercialization of Argan oil has helped the regions environment to begin to flourish.

With all that said you have to remember this:

Just because it says Argan Oil on the label, doesn't mean it's all argan oil or even a majority argan oil.

Take a closer look on the labels to see what other ingredients are added to the product and where the argania spinosa (chemical name for argan oil) is listed in the ingredients. Just a tip: the further down the label the less amount of argan oil there is in it.

Both of the products we recommended above also fall into this bucket as since they are made specifically for hair the other ingredients have a purpose to help the hair do what you want it to do. So just remember all argan oil products are not created equal. Try the small sizes first before you buy the big sizes and waste a lot of money.

Other Essential oils you can use with Argan oil for hair growth

RevuCell uses Argan Oil in all of its products in combination with other essential oils, extracts, and vitamins to help promote healthy hair growth.

Remember that 1 ingredient on its own may not be able to do the complete job, but the value that it brings in combination with other ingredients helps to produce a desired result.

Said more easily, while Argan oil helps nourish the scalp and prolong the length of hair as it grows, in combination with Pea Sprout Extract, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Extract, and other ingredients it can help to promote healthy hair growth while diminishing hair loss. Check out our combination of Organic and Natural Ingredients here or take a look at how RevuCell works.

You’ve probably heard that argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids. While that sounds really cool and healthy, do you know exactly how those ingredients benefit your hair?